According to the in force legislation, in order to change the name for an electrical power meter (Public Power Corporation - DEI), to reconnect the meter or for any work requiring electrical wiring and installation, it is obligatory for a licensed electrician installer to submit the relevant Certification to HEDNO S.A..

It should be noted that the validity time span of such certifications is designated for each installation according to the standing legislation and that the owner is forced by law to reissue a new Licensed Electrician Certification before the previous one elapses. The Licensed Electrician Certification is accompanied by a Delivery Report of the Electrical Installation, Electrical Installation ELOT HD 384 Control Protocol or KEIE and Drawing Plan with the routing of electrical lines of the installation and the position of switches, panels, etc. Our company is equipped with specialized and calibrated reading and audit instruments by ELEMKO (Greek: ΕΛΕΜΚΟ / Global Lightning Protection Systems, Global Surge Overvoltage Systems for the protection of electrical & electronic devices, Global Earthing Systems for LPS as well as Electrical and Electronic applications) and is able to process and compile your documents responsibly and solemnly. Should you wish to enquire further, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.